Re: Win4K3 Integration


I bought the K3 programmer's guide a few weeks ago and programmed the F keys exactly as you mentioned - works fine.

Mark KN7T


I don't use WIN4K3 but you can easily send commands from your ACLog F keys to execute the K3 Memory keys.  Here's two examples:

K3 Memory 1 (M1):  RI:SWT21;
K3 Memory 2 (M2):  RI:SWT31;

Here's a command you can assign to an F Key to put the K3 in Split Mode Up 5:  RI:SWT13;SWT13;FT1;UPB7;

Basically you can 'program' about anything you want.  You just need the documentation regarding the list of commands. 

73, Mitch

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