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Pat Whelton

Instead of writing down what’s stored in the F-Keys may I suggest using labels on top of the F-Keys.  I’ve had the same labels on my keyboard for at least 5 years maybe more.  Several years ago we even used a paper template my son made with an Exacto knife that surrounded the F-Keys.  The labels are a much cleaner way to go in my opinion.


Here’s what my labels say:


F1    TEST

F2    KZ5J

F3    5NN #

F4    #

F5    $5NN#

F6    TU

F7    ?     

F8    $? (I use this one a lot when running and only get a partial call)

F9    AGN

F10  CL?

F11  NBR?


If I’m not mistaken Scott has even put in a feature where if you log the station it will automatically issue some of these functions for you.  Being a country boy from Galveston I haven’t figured out the automatic part yet but I’m happy with the labels.


Just a suggestion on the labels.  YMMV.




Pat – KZ5J


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I think I have observed this same thing before.  I'll have to go back and play with it again to be sure.  But, I believe that I simply closed the mini window that gives a description of the F keys that I programmed and, with that window closed, the function keys work just fine.  So, I've taken to writing down the definition of the function keys instead of bringing up the mini window... never had another problem. 


Yes, it shouldn't matter, but like you said, it's Windoze!




Ron N4RT


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Hi Ken

This is one of the 'traits' of N3FJP that I have just learned to live with.  Not everyone has this problem.  The F-keys *should* always work if N3FJP gets the focus, but this is not always the case for me.  With N3FJP having focus and the F-keys not working, I can click on an F-key in the mini window and then actual F-keys then work the next time I press them.  Doesn't always happen, but when it does, I use this as a work around.   

Scott has said that this is not how it should work, but it's Microsoft and it does what it wants. 
Ken - K4EES

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