Re: New TQSL-ACLog Conflict

Larry Stowell K1ZW


Well that's a change have always used confirm all, it wasn't the updated TQSL

It was something ~ about 4/1. I just did as you suggested but use the default of 1902

and it worked fine and finally did the 4 since 4/1.

Larry K1ZW

On 4/8/2020 9:11 AM, AI3KS wrote:

I had a similar problem a few days ago. In looking at the raw info from, doing an "all confirmed" did not start at the beginning of the log. I had to to a "confirmed since" and change the date back to 1972.

Steve, AI3KS

On 20/04/08 08:10, Larry Stowell K1ZW wrote:

Interesting I have 4 entries since 4/1, all previous entries had my name in the

operator field. The 4 since the 1st have my call. I have all the latest 6.6 and new TQSL.

Just today those 4 showed up in LoTW Now I can't download those 4.

I always do all confirmed and it process 16,000+ the file in in 5 seconds.

Strange happening in LoTW !!!

73 Larry K1ZW

On 4/7/2020 8:15 PM, WX7HS via wrote:

I have discovered a problem with ACLog and the new TQSL version. When the Operator field is filled ( for example my first name), an error occurs when trying to log a QSO With LoTW. This error shows up as an invalid date range of the call sign certificate.  When I deleted an entry in the operator field, the problem went away. 

I tried to find a batch process to delete the operator information in my log but could not find a solution. Is editing each QSO the only way to delete text in the operator field?



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