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Mike Olbrisch

Good morning Scott.


Reading the description below, it seems like something is going on automatically when your operating location isn’t your home location.


by using information from the station’s logging program.”


Anything new and “Automatic” sounds scary.  I have nearly 100 portable locations saved in T-QSL.  And it’s been working fine for 10 years.  Until I figure out what they are comparing to decide if my operating location is right or not, it is worrisome.  Until this virus thing is over, I won’t be operating anything portable anyway.


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Hi All,


Aside the the normal TQSL upgrade procedure that you perform with any TQSL upgrade, there is nothing else special you have to do.  


AC Log works fine with TQSL 2.5.2.  I have signed and uploaded records using AC Log 6.6 and TQSL 2.5.2 with no problems whatsoever.



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Have they posted instructions for this someplace?  At first read, it sounds confusing.  But then, I’m just waking up, I’m on shift the next 4 nights.


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Don't know if you have seen this yet, or if it will take changes to the software:

(From the ARRL Website)

The latest version of TrustedQSL (TQSL), version 2.5.2, offers improved Logbook of The World (LoTW) support for operations from several locations, as well as the ability to detect uploads that contain incorrect location data. The primary new feature in TQSL 2.5.2 allows logging programs, in conjunction with TQSL, to avoid incorrect contact uploads, while adding mechanisms to allow easy uploading of logs for roving stations. LoTW had required rovers to identify each location used as a separate location in TQSL. The new version of TQSL allows these operations to be handled much more smoothly by using information from the station’s logging program.

When a log is signed by TQSL, the station details — call Sign, DXCC entity, grid square, and other location details provided by the selected station location (and call sign certificate) — are compared with the details in the log. If the US state and station location in a log do not agree, TQSL 2.5.2 will reject the contact, detecting errors in instances when an incorrect station location has been chosen. This feature will necessitate changes in many logging programs, because it requires that the log provide station details previously not used by TQSL. Once a logging program supplies these (MY_STATE, MY_DXCC, MY_CQ_ZONE, etc.), then TQSL will validate them against the log. Currently, Cabrillo logs use the CALLSIGN field to verify that the contacts are for the correct call sign.

Optionally, a station performing roaming operations (e.g., from multiple grid squares) can choose to have TQSL assume that the log is correct. When call sign or home station are provided with the log, TQSL will automatically update the details on the upload. Select “Override Station Location with QTH Details from your Log” on the “Log Handling” preference page to enable this feature.

This release also includes an update to the most recent TQSL configuration file. — Thanks to Rick Murphy, K1MU   




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