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David Rounds

There are two different issues being described in this thread and I do not see the ARRL HQ shutdown as being related to either issue.

1. Contacts uploaded to LOTW via ACL are not marked as sent until you perform the "All Since" download.  This is as documented in the N3FJP documentation and in my opinion is proper as it will show that the QSO has been accepted by LOTW.  When your uploaded records have been processed and you perform the "All Since" download, the records will be marked as uploaded.

2. I believe that the excessive delay in processing the uploads has nothing to do with the HQ shutdown as the processing is done automatically.  The delays are simply due to the number of QSO records that were uploaded.  If you look at the LOTW statue web page, you can see how far behind the system is at processing the uploads.  For example at one time last week the processing delay was over 6 hours and right now, the delay is virtually non-existent to less than 5 minutes.  These delays are nothing like the delays seen several years ago (before the LOTW server update) during large special events, such as the W1AW/xx  event, where the delay could easily be more than 24 hours.


On 4/6/2020 9:21 AM, Frank MacKenzie-Lamb wrote:

Wondering if all these problems which has suddenly arisen could be a problem with the ARRL during these unprecedented times???


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Hi Mel,


Thanks for your follow up.  You have the terminology switched, which may be introducing some confusion.  Sending your log to LoTW is generally considered uploading.  Downloading is when the records are pulled from LoTW and marked as Sent at that time.  Please see this FAQ here (and be mindful that LoTW delays may have been a bit longer lately):





73, Scott



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I think you are missing my initial problem. when I send the log to LoTW. It does not show that I SENT QSL. it should say yes.


The feedback I got from you shows that I would have received a qsl.



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Click on All Since*date*, edit the date to a couple of days ago and click OK



73    Jim


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Looking for some guidance.  I had four new contacts in ACLog. I downloaded them to LoTW. When I looked at AClog it did not show QSL sent = Y. I double checked LoTW and all four showed up. In fact two of them were already confirmed.  I downloaded confirmed from LoTW to ACLog and now the two showed Sent and Confirmed = Y but the other two still showed Sent = N and of course the Received = N


Hoping there is an easy explaination





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