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Barry / KB1TLR <w1mgycc@...>

I had this happen to me yesterday and it was because I had not shut off the power supply to the 7300. So the 7300 has to be off as well as the power to it, strange.

73, Barry / KB1TLR


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From: Fred Lemley
Sent: Sunday, April 5, 2020 3:06 PM
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Clear Button


Hello All,
I have my IC-7300 communicating fine with ACLog, but have a problem when turning off the 7300 and trying to log in ACLog when on another rig that is NOT connected in any way to the computer.  What happens is the band, mode, and frequency fields stay populated with the last information received from the 7300.  The clear button does NOT clear them even after closing ACLog and restarting the program.  I also tried rebooting the computer and bringing up the program and trying to log. This gave the result of the band field being populated when entering a call and hitting the TAB key and the program won't let me change the band either by deleting the information or using the menu to select the band.  I am trying to log when using the K2 (again not connected to the computer) and this is a bit frustrating as you might imagine.  I have to go ahead and log the contact, then hit highlight and edit the contact.  I have to manually enter the fields during the edit and save the information for every QSO.  Even after editing the contact, the next time I have the same result with the band,mode, and frequency fields being populated with old information from the turned off 7300.  Is there a way to clear the band, mode, and frequency fields with my 7300 turned off?  Any suggestion appreciated...
73 de Fred


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