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Harry White <hwhite1@...>

Thank you David,


I did spend several hours looking at the FAQ’s and watching videos. Still no luck, in fact, I may be a bit more confused. Apparently the address info goes in the “Comments” column. Nowhere can I find how “comments” came to define address. In some of my imported files I have actual comments in the comment file. Could these be preventing the column from importing addresses? Should I delete all of them, and lose a little history?


Under “Edit” there is no selection for address. There is a “QTH group” that can be selected but I have no idea of what that means.


I would be happy to click on each callsign if that would make the program attach the desired information. Right now, it won’t.


BTW, I did manually add a contact this morning, W1AW. It worked and came up with a mailing address in the “Comments” column.


I really need this to work, I have a lot of QSL’s that I want to mail and I need names and addresses.




Harry K1RSA


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Regarding documentation for N3FJP ACL, select the Help menu then select "View OnLine Help".  If more detailed help is needed, click the [Yes] button.


On 4/3/2020 11:54 AM, Harry White wrote:

Hi All,


Complete newbie here. I’ve imported all my contacts into ACLog. Few have addresses. What do I need to do to have the program add the addresses? Then I’ll need to print the labels. How is that done? I’ve searched the YouTube videos but found nothing. I cannot find a manual for the program. Can anyone help?


Harry K1RSA




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