Invalid Mode Error

"Richard Swartz" <RichardSwartz00@...>

I'm new to HF and new to N3FJP.   I've searched this group and I've looked over the FAQs and I haven't found a solution to this problem.  I recently transferred my AC Log 6.6 to my laptop computer from my desktop.  I initially had a "Station Location Error" message.  I worked with the LoTW support to correct this problem.  I fixed it my doing a backup of TQSL on my desktop and restoring it on my Laptop.

Now when I try to upload to LoTW using the All Contacts Not Uploaded button, I get this error:  Invalid mode (DIG) on line 33....with the rest of the contact information listed.  I click ignore and then i get a message saying that "This log contains  24 QSOs that have already been signed for upload to LoTW and no new QSOs.  It is true that I have these 24 contact uploaded but I have a total of 54 contacts.  The remainder of the contacts show that they have not been uploaded.  These contacts all occurred after Feb 25, about the same time as I switched to the laptop.  I just uploaded a new callsign Certificate but that didn't fix the problem. 

I am stumped and frustrated. 

Richard  - KE5GAR

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