Some records not updating

Robert Butera

Running ACLog 6.5

I have 20 specific consecutive records from March 21-22 that are not updating in the log.

They are uploaded on LOTW. I can verify on the LOTW website, and even spot check confirmations.

KEY --> I can download "All Since" - I actually see in the log screen in the LOTW Manager screen that those 20 records ARE downloaded (with QSOs confirmed where relevant).

Yet for some reason, even though I see that they were downloaded, those 20 records remain black (indicating not downloaded from LoTW).  These are not dupe records -- I can search my database on some of the unique call signs and they don't pop up anywhere else.

Any ideas?

Any pointers? Nothing unusual about them.  Just 20 consecutive records out of about 50 from the BARGT RTTY contest a few weeks back.

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