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Tom Ellis


Here is one way of doing it. You can temporarily disable the rig interface by doing this:

Temporarily Disable Rig Interface
Want to temporarily disable rig interface from the main form for searches, to enter other band / mode data, etc.? Press Ctrl + Shift + R.

The Ctrl + Shift + R is a toggle.


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I’ve posted questions about this before but trying to have a better understanding of what is going on. Can you use AC log to log contacts when AC log is connected to a radio and that radio is not on. In rig settings when the AC log is on just to log contacts I have these settings:
Connection power - none
Mode - don’t use

When I use the radio and AC log the settings are these:
Connection power - RTS
Mode - Rig

Frequently when I’m using AC log (not connected to a rig) it won’t let me select a band or freq. it reverts back to what ever freq and band it was.

I think I’ve missed a setting somewhere. I understand that come from the rig but if the rig is not on??
Thanks and I hope I made this clear.

Stephen Spencer

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