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Late Icom rigs (IC-7610 and IC-9700) solved the problem you are experiencing by employing the USB port for WSJT-X control/audio in/audio out, which provides log entries into ACLog via JTAlert.  Then a special cable connects the CIV remote control port to ACLog for rig control  with the other modes.  I run two rigs often, which both WSJT-X and AClog handle well, but the two control cable solution requires two cables for each radio

Noticed that the K3 has an RS232 port in addition to the USP port.  Perhaps you could use that to maintain control with ACLog for other modes, unless you are running the pan adapter which requires connection with the RS232 port.

Ed, W0VC

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Unfortunately only one piece of code can open the COM port at a time.  If WSJT-X opens it then ACLog won’t get able to get data from the rig.  That’s okay for digital, but makes things manual for other modes.  I was hoping the various pieces of software would be able to exchange information about the radio’s status through a central program.


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wouldn't the wsjt-x have to also be taking to the K3?

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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Getting band data to WSJT-X
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I’ve got WSJT-X, JTALert and ACLog all working nicely together except for one annoying issue: the band has to be manually set in WSJT-X. Needless to say, I’ve uploaded more than a few QSOs to LoTW with the wrong band.

Is there a way to configure the three programs so that ACLog provides the band data since it is the only application directly talking to my K3?


Bob - K2UT

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