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I used the band map “block….” For the first time after many, many years, and found it very useful, finding stations that had only been spotted minimally.  Will be using more often.  Once a “runner” has been worked, he never shows again unless he moves to a different portion of the band.

Dale K8TS


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From: Mike Saeger
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2020 4:24 PM
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] New Feature(s)


I spent the weekend using the WIQP log. Prefer it to N1MM -- but, there are 2 features of N1MM I wish I had back.

  1. I operate Search and Pounce (S&P). I listen, enter the log info into the log -- work  the station -- Press Enter to Log the Q. Sometimes though, the pileup is just too large and I click on another station on my panadapter planning to come back later. Once I change frequency, N1MM erases the log entry. I like that. Could your log do that too?
  2. When I click on a frequency on the panadapter, N1MM displays the station you already worked on that frequency. If I am Searching & Pouncing, I then don't waste time waiting for the "running" station to ID -- I go merrily on my way. I think N1MM remembers if you actually worked the station before and might use a color code to remind you to either skip this station or you waited around before (see above) and didn't work him.

Your answer could be -- well then use N1MM -- OK I could do that, but if you ever add this feature to your log it would be about perfect!

Mike N9MS


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