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I see multiple spots for the same station On the lower panel of the log which I believe is the Bandmap. Sometimes 5-6. spots. You said to go to the more filter section and block duplicates but I  cannot find a check box with that name. Would you please provide the exact wording of the applicable box. Thanks so much. 

All best, Ed

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your e-mail and suggestions.  Responses inserted:

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I spent the weekend using the WIQP log. Prefer it to N1MM -- but, there are 2 features of N1MM I wish I had back.

**  Thanks for using my software.  I'm really happy you liked it!  :)

  1. I operate Search and Pounce (S&P). I listen, enter the log info into the log -- work  the station -- Press Enter to Log the Q. Sometimes though, the pileup is just too large and I click on another station on my panadapter planning to come back later. Once I change frequency, N1MM erases the log entry. I like that. Could your log do that too?
**  I don't have any Flex equipment here, so my ability to code for the panadapter specifically is limited.  My software interfaces with Flex via their DLL.  If you click on a spot on my software's band map, my software will clear the previous call and tune immediately to the spot frequency.
  1. When I click on a frequency on the panadapter, N1MM displays the station you already worked on that frequency. If I am Searching & Pouncing, I then don't waste time waiting for the "running" station to ID -- I go merrily on my way. I think N1MM remembers if you actually worked the station before and might use a color code to remind you to either skip this station or you waited around before (see above) and didn't work him.
**  For the band map, on the DX Spotting set up form, click the More Filter button and then enable the option to block duplicates.  Again, I understand that you are asking about the panadapter.  If I ever wind up with a rig with a panadapter, I will see what I can do.

Thanks again for your suggestions!

**  Enjoy!

73, Scott

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Your answer could be -- well then use N1MM -- OK I could do that, but if you ever add this feature to your log it would be about perfect!

Mike N9MS

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