Re: Not Sending CW with Elecraft

k1oj <k1oj@...>

I covered the same territory.  Ended up using  a winkeyer. Pro is that you can easily run different logging softwares with no hardware or keyed configuration changes. Con is you have to be running software to operate unless you move a key directly to the rig and change key menu to correct setting...
De k1oj

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From: Jim K9TF <jim.gmforum@...>
Date: 3/8/20 11:14 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Not Sending CW with Elecraft

The more I look into this, even I do not want to, is to use K1EL Winkeyer box. Or some sort of virtual com port software that works with N3FJP software. Some one suggested to use  LP Bridge   I have no Idea what I am doing or how to do this, and/or if this stuff is all compatible with Elecraft and N3FJP AC.
Jim K9TF

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