Re: Not Sending CW with Elecraft


Is there any particular reason why you couldn't use the K1EL Winkeyer box ?  I got tired of troubleshooting issues like this and made the commitment to that particular interface for both of my K3 radios.  I have had no issues since making the change a few years ago.

Mark McLauchlin KN7T

Not the case about the cable. Running 5 watts or less. Rebooted CPU.

No warnings on the Windows 10 Microsoft Surface when I look up the port Com port is working properly.


All other radio functions that interface with program are working properly except transmitting CW.  I have not tried RTTY.


I had called Elecraft we checked out Transmit function using N1MM and Elecraft KX3 Utility and all is working well.


Some one suggested to use LP Bridge


Is anyone out there Using a K3 or KX3 with this program and CW transmission is working or not working? What did you do to get it working?


Jim Borowski K9TF



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Jim K9TF

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