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Pat Whelton

Hi Scott.  OK, I’ve changed it to “Alert if New on Current Band” but that doesn’t make much sense to me.  In other words if I’m currently sitting on 20 and I have the country confirmed on all bands but 40 and this country shows up on 40 (even though I’m on 20) I will get an alert?


I’ve made the change.  We will see.




Pat – KZ5J


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Hi Pat,


Thanks for your e-mail.  Larry's suggestion is correct (it's not dependent on your current band).  Try it, you'll see.




73, Scott



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Hey Larry.  Great suggestion.  The only problem is if I’m on 20 and something I need comes on 80 I’ll never hear the alert.  Also if I’m on CW (the current mode) and something comes on SSB (which I rarely use but will if it’s a new one) I won’t hear that alert either.


Unless I don’t understand how your suggestion works.


Anyway thanks for your input.




Pat – KZ5J


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Hi Pat,


Just use one of the other settings, like “alert if new on current band” and/or “current mode.”

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ


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Under Settings I have “New Contact & QSL Alert Option” checked to “Alert When New”.  This has been working great for many years.  Only problem is it rarely goes off any more.  Is there a setting for “New to a Band I haven’t Worked This Country On Before”?




Pat – KZ5J

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