Contact Logger + HDSDR on ICOM 7300: Issues

Chuck Chamblee, W4LAC

I am trying to use HDSDR (OmniRig for CAT control), and Contact Logger simultaneously on my IC-7300. I'm using a virtual serial port splitter (Fabulatech Serial Port Splitter) to split my physical serial port for the IC-7300 via USB, COM10, into two virtual ports (COM1 and COM2). If I run ONLY HDSDR, on COM1 without running Contact Logger then HDSDR works fine, and will control the IC-7300's frequency as it should. Or, if I run Contact Logger by itself, on COM2, without HDSDR running, then Contact Logger polls the 7300 properly and follows the 7300's frequency and mode. However, if I try to run them simultaneously, then Contact Logger cannot poll the 7300. It gets no response from the 7300. HDSDR continues to work properly, and can control the 7300 via CAT functions. If I shut down HDSDR, then Contact Logger begins to poll the 7300 properly.  If I switch rigs, and go to my Kenwood TS-590SG, using it's physical COM16 split into COM3 and COM4 virtual ports, with HDSDR on COM3 and Contact Logger on COM4, they both work properly, together.  What is it about the IC-7300's USB serial port that won't allow two apps to talk to the radio?  Any workarounds or solutions?

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