Re: Consolidating my many N3FJP POTA logs into one complete POTA log



Tnx for your suggestions. I think I will keep my home log intact and load to LOTW through N3FJP as usual with my home location. I will then make a POTA complete log and put all my POTA contacts in it.  I experimented a bit and it is fairly easy to copy and paste the Park number and  Park name into the comment area just under the address. The search function in N3FJP works well to find any qso with the specific park number or name in the comment area. 

I agree with you about the location, especially the grid number for the parks. So far I have been able to do this by creating the adif file I need for that one park and uploading directly using the TQSL program and not going through N3FJP to upload. 

Tnx for your suggestions.


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