Consolidating my many N3FJP POTA logs into one complete POTA log


Hi. Since I started POTA activations I have made a separate Log for each location. I do not want to mix these logs with my home AClog since the location of the station (POTA location) is different for each log and is not my home station.  I would also like to check if I have a specific call sign in any of my POTA logs. That is easy except I need to bring up every POTA log and check each one. Has anyone found a way to have just one complete POTA log? I would think I could make a log called complete POTA and import each of my separate logs into that complete log. That seems to work except for one problem. When I entered the paper logs into each separate N3FJP POTA it took the QRZ address information and put that info into the comments area. Now it seems that when I export and fill in the field " add optional comment for ever contact" the program will not add the comment (Like K-5239) if the comment field already has an address in it. 

From this point on I assume I need to not have QRZ fill in the address info in order to create a complete POTA log but do I need to go back and delete the comments in all of my current logs to import them with the correct POTA number?

Any suggestions?

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