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Hi Scott;

I suspected that was the issue, but thought I would throw that out for comment.  I saw a couple of spots from you so you know the bands were crowded, and the filter issue had me buffaloed.

Hope you did well.


Dale K8TS


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Hi Dale,


Thanks for your e-mail.  My software does not send any filter commands, buy when you send the mode command, Icom filters reset.  With the Don't Send Mode Change option, that eliminates the filters resetting on both my 7610 and Pro II.



73, Scott



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I’m using what seems to be the best software on the planet.  Thank you Scott.


Couple of observations I have noticed, especially durning contests.  Does not seem to occur when operating with ACL.


Last weekend during the ARRL DX, I noticed that I could set my filters for the desired BW, but would notice after a couple of transmissions they would change to a different filter setting.  I would reset to what I wanted, and happen to glance down again and they had changed. (i.e. Had Fil 1 set very tite, and Fil 2 about 500 kc wider,  often when operating Fil 1 I would happen to check screen and it was back on Fil 2).  Not a complaint, just an annoying issue that I would like to eliminate.


I am running an IC7300, with rig control, DX spotting, and RBN all open and working properly. Is this a rig control issue or an issue with the 7300?  I have never seen this problem posted.  I used both the option for mode switch (so that cw filters don’t reset), and also unchecked that box with no difference in operation.  I have not found any RFI in the shack, using linear p/s, and beaded usb cables.  Using standard option on Icom (Not option 2).  I do have my settings at 115200 baud, and 500ms frequency change which both seem to work well.  Windose 10.


Other unrelated comment.  Sponsors ask you to leave dupes in log.  I do so, to keep them happy, but found it can make a tremendous difference in your posted score in the program.  It gives you a misleading number.  I had far surpassed my goal only to find out I just barely made it when I removed the dupes to transfer to ACL.  What are others feelings on this?


Dale K8TS 



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