Re: ACLog has stopped reading frequency and mode


Hi Ken,

No. Restarting the program doesn't solve the problem.  I have found that if I Link the CIV to the  USB port on the radio and then return to the default (UNLINK) , ACLog  will spring back to life with CAT info.  I get the same result if I turn off the radio and turn back on.   So my first thought  was that N1MM was not fully releasing the port when it is closed ;  but if that is the case, why will MMTTY, SKCCLogger, and another program or two use the same port for CAT w/o error message immediately after I close N1MM.   This level of computer knowledge is above my pay grade.

73, George K4GM

On 2/19/2020 12:03 PM, Ken Bell wrote:
This Sounds like a problem I have reported. If you shutdown the ACLog software and restart, does it start working?

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