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Hi Scott,

I have to use 115200 baud because the spectrum scope on N1MM requires that speed to display the IC7300 bandscope  properly on the PC screen.  The same com port is used for CAT and Spectrum scope on N1MM.  I use this same port for CAT on ACLog and have used this speed for months with success.     I would rather not have to re-set the baud rate or anything else whenever I switch programs .    But note:  I have found that if I Link the CIV to the  USB port on the radio and then return to the default (UNLINK) , ACLog  will spring back to life with CAT info.  I get the same result if I turn off the radio and turn back on.   So my first thought  was that N1MM was not fully releasing the port when it is closed ;  but if that is the case, why will MMTTY, SKCCLogger, and another program or two use the same port for CAT w/o error message immediately after I close N1MM.   I might try loading N1MM and ACLog on to my laptop to see if the same problem is present...  This problem is on my HP desktop.

73, George K4GM

On 2/19/2020 11:53 AM, Scott Davis via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi George,

Thanks for your e-mail.  I'm sorry that you have run into trouble.  There are no common files for rig interface (unless you manually load and save your rig interface settings), so something has definitely changed external to the software. 

I noticed your baud rate is higher than most have reported.  You'll find the successful settings other 7300 users have sent along here:

I hope this helps!

73, Scott

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I use an Icom IC-7300 and Icom2 on the rig list.     My software has
developed an odd spontaneous problem.    The AClog does not show
frequency or mode anymore.   Going to settings and hitting TEST, only
garbage is displayed in the test panel.    I have the correct baud rate
entered (115200)  and "94"  in the commands to read frequency and mode.
    I changed nothing yet it has stopped working.   All has been fine
for several months.  I uninstalled and reinstalled version 6.6 without
any change.  I  opened a previously working  contest log and have the
same problem.   Apparently there is a problem in the common files.  
And, BTW, N1MM Logger, SKCC Logger, and MMTTY all read  frequency and
mode using this same port and otherwise work fine using the same com
port to display the frequency so I don't think I have a com port issue. 
Thoughts anyone?? All worked well until an hour or so ago.  The cw
keying which uses a different port works fine still.

73, George K4GM

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