ACLog has stopped reading frequency and mode


I use an Icom IC-7300 and Icom2 on the rig list.     My software has developed an odd spontaneous problem.    The AClog does not show frequency or mode anymore.   Going to settings and hitting TEST, only garbage is displayed in the test panel.    I have the correct baud rate entered (115200)  and "94"  in the commands to read frequency and mode.     I changed nothing yet it has stopped working.   All has been fine for several months.  I uninstalled and reinstalled version 6.6 without any change.  I  opened a previously working  contest log and have the same problem.   Apparently there is a problem in the common files.   And, BTW, N1MM Logger, SKCC Logger, and MMTTY all read  frequency and mode using this same port and otherwise work fine using the same com port to display the frequency so I don't think I have a com port issue.  Thoughts anyone?? All worked well until an hour or so ago.  The cw keying which uses a different port works fine still.

73, George K4GM

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