Intermittent logging from JTAlert and LoTW confirmations

Mark Steele

Starting yesterday, I am getting intermittent messages from JTAlert that it cannot log a QSO with ACL 6.6.  Additionally, I have a growing number of QSO's in ACL that will not show 'Confirm By' from LoTW - even though I confirm they are in the LoTW database. If I manually add the 'L' to the 'S Conf By' field, the field does not change color.

I have also noticed that when I start a QSO in WSJT-X, ACL is not pre-populating the call sigh as it normally did (the setting in JTAlert for this function is set (Enable sending of new DX call when first selected).

I suspect that something is blocking port 1100 or it is not starting properly in ACL.

Windows 7 Home 64 bit
JTAlert 2.15.10 release (not beta)
ACL 6.6

I have restarted the app and the PC several times with no joy.
I have confirmed that JTAlert is set to ACLog, Local PC and TCP port 1100.

Best regards,


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