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Jim Shorney

Have you checked to ensure the date format in ACL under settings>date options matches the system date format and what you expect?

As for the callsign DXCC being assigned to England, the way you entered the call is the format in which software may expect the characters after the slash to represent a location or DXCC other than what is indicated by the call. /GRA would map to England (GAA-GZZ). I haven't worked any QSO parties in years but I would expect that county should have its own field. In fact ACL does have a COUNTY REC field.

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On Mon, 17 Feb 2020 19:02:48 -0600
"Dale Martin" <@kg5u> wrote:

I just went back into ACL again and this time I was just going to edit a
callsign (it was N3ND/GRA - which I believe was his call in PA QSO Party.and
which ACL says he is in England-why I was going to edit the call. At any
rate, that's not what I discovered: right-clicking on the call, the Edit
Contact window came up with the Date field empty. Of course, that raises yet
another question: why is the date displayed in the log, but does not appear
in the exported adi file or in the ACL log Edit Contact window? Oooops..more
interesting stuff. I happened to click in the empty date field in the Edit
Contact window and a pop-up window appeared accompanied by a DING sound,
advising me "Invalid Date Format". If I click OK the pop-up goes away. But,
if I click anywhere on the Edit Contact window or in other fields, the
pop-up and ding returns. Somehow or other, I managed to kill off the pop-up
and Edit Contact screen with a combination of multiple presses of ESC and
random mouse clicks. I don't know what combo made it go away, I'm just glad
it finally did.

I'm at a loss here.

Thanks for any info anyone can provide.


Dale, kg5u

From: @kg5u <@kg5u>
Sent: Monday, February 17, 2020 6:47 PM
To: '' <>
Subject: Export of ACLog to ADIF

I exported the ACLog to ADIF a few minutes ago. I noticed that some of the
QSO entries in the .adi file do not contain a QSO_DATE.

I called up the dateless calls in ACL and all have a good date-time-group
(e.g., 2017/02/27 00:39).

Can anyone advise where I went wrong?


Dale, kg5u

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