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Dale Martin

I just went back into ACL again and this time I was just going to edit a callsign (it was N3ND/GRA – which I believe was his call in PA QSO Party…and which ACL says he is in England—why I was going to edit the call.  At any rate, that’s not what I discovered: right-clicking on the call, the Edit Contact window came up with the Date field empty. Of course, that raises yet another question: why is the date displayed in the log, but does not appear in the exported adi file or in the ACL log Edit Contact window? Oooops….more interesting stuff. I happened to click in the empty date field in the Edit Contact window and a pop-up window appeared accompanied by a DING sound, advising me “Invalid Date Format”. If I click OK the pop-up goes away. But, if I click anywhere on the Edit Contact window or in other fields, the pop-up and ding returns.  Somehow or other, I managed to kill off the pop-up and Edit Contact screen with a combination of multiple presses of ESC and random mouse clicks. I don’t know what combo made it go away, I’m just glad it finally did.


I’m at a loss here.


Thanks for any info anyone can provide.



Dale, kg5u


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Subject: Export of ACLog to ADIF



I exported the ACLog to ADIF a few minutes ago. I noticed that some of the QSO entries in the .adi file do not contain a QSO_DATE.


I called up the dateless calls in ACL and all have a good date-time-group (e.g., 2017/02/27 00:39).


Can anyone advise where I went wrong?



Dale, kg5u




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