Re: Interfacing Yaseu to my Laptop was a piece of cake

George Merkle

That sure was easy.  The hardest part was finding a USB Printer cable, but located one behind a wirelessly-connected printer, plugged it into the Yaseu & my venerable Lenovo, and in about 10 minutes following directions it was up and interfacing.  Thanks for the tip, guess it's time for me to read your "user manual" and see what other nifty things I can do.

George N0GM

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Hi George,

Thanks for your e-mail, thoughts and suggestions.  You can connect your FT DX 3000 to my software, so that the software always knows which band you are on, as detailed here:

Thanks so much for your kind words on the software!


73, Scott

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Y'all, I'm new to this software but really liked it for this weekend's DX contest, I already have my log submitted (over 200 contacts), and that was really easy and quick.  I also exported a file which I imported to Excel to review, and that worked well also.  Working all bands 160-10, I found the software as easy to switch band logs as my FTDX3000.  Only 2 possible improvements I thought of.
First, when I switch between bands, I wish the sofware would preserve and populate the last Call Sign typed (for that band) so I don't have to retype it.  For instance, I was in a pileup on 20M for Alaska, and I would switch between that and a 15M pileup on another station.  Each time I would have to retype the last call into the software when switching.  I would think this would fairly easy to do.
The second "dream" enhancement would be if the software knew which band I was on, since I inadvertently (and sleep-deprived) logged a couple on the wrong band (one a dupe) before realizing the error of my ways.  (The EDIT feature made it possible to quickly correct the entries.)  I'm assuming there is a connection from the Yaseu rig that would make this possible.  For single operator - single band, it wouldn't matter, but I'm constantly switching between bands to make things more interesting!
George Merkle N0GM

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