Suggestions from a new user #contest

George Merkle

Y'all, I'm new to this software but really liked it for this weekend's DX contest, I already have my log submitted (over 200 contacts), and that was really easy and quick.  I also exported a file which I imported to Excel to review, and that worked well also.  Working all bands 160-10, I found the software as easy to switch band logs as my FTDX3000.  Only 2 possible improvements I thought of.
First, when I switch between bands, I wish the sofware would preserve and populate the last Call Sign typed (for that band) so I don't have to retype it.  For instance, I was in a pileup on 20M for Alaska, and I would switch between that and a 15M pileup on another station.  Each time I would have to retype the last call into the software when switching.  I would think this would fairly easy to do.
The second "dream" enhancement would be if the software knew which band I was on, since I inadvertently (and sleep-deprived) logged a couple on the wrong band (one a dupe) before realizing the error of my ways.  (The EDIT feature made it possible to quickly correct the entries.)  I'm assuming there is a connection from the Yaseu rig that would make this possible.  For single operator - single band, it wouldn't matter, but I'm constantly switching between bands to make things more interesting!
George Merkle N0GM

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