Should ACLOG fill "Country" field from data in an LOTW confirmation?

Bert W0RSB <bert.w0rsb@...>

While I'm on the subject of associating entity names with calls:

I notice that ACLOG doesn't (or didn't in this one recent case, anyway) populate the "Country" column from an LOTW confirmation. Is the country data actually included in the data returned from LOTW? On the ARRL Web site, the country is known and displayed in the listings, so I just assumed it was propagated in the response (which I've never looked at).

When I worked HC1MD/2, ACLOG didn't fill the Country field (Ecuador) when I entered the contact, and it didn't enter the field again when I got the LOTW confirmation a few days later.
Bert - W0RSB
Saint Paul, MN

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