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Your USB port may be going to sleep depending upon the polling speed you are using.   Have you checked to see whether Windows has checked the Power Management tab in the UART port created for the IC-7300?  Mine was causing a lot of havoc until I unchecked the boxes on the device tab. 


The 7300 must be powered on.  Then go to Device Manager; Ports;, then select the Port connected to the USB cable.  Select the Power Management Tab and clear all checked boxes.


Ed, W0VC 


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From: Ken Bell
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2020 11:36 AM
Subject: Re: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] NAQP Software issue #NAQP #contest


Hi Scott

I'm resurrecting this issue, since I have more info.  The original problem was that the software would stop updating frequency (and thus band). I have an IC-7300 and a W-10 new notebook computer. I'm running your latest everything. My system is patched to the lates.  You suggested RFI in the shack and possibly bad USB cables.  I changed to new USB cables with ferrite beads.  I've have chased, but find no other evidence of RF in the shack.   I use ACLog almost daily. I haven't had a problem with it. 

I operated at WFD recently and had the problem again after operating for a few of hours. I was at the end of my shift, so I shutdown and didn't investigate.   Yesterday, I operated on the ARRL Int CW contest for about 7 hours.   Like NAQP, and WFD the rig ran fine when I started.  After about 7 hours I started having the problem, so I decided  to investigate. I rearranged my USB cables, etc. No joy.  Swapped cables, no joy. Swapped USB cable locations on the PC. No joy.  Sending still worked fine.  

I could always get it to run properly when I went to the Rig Interface page and clicked the 'Poll' button. I noticed that the amount of data in the windows would grow to almost fill the window occasionally. Sometimes the interface would stop running.  Later, it would only reset to the current frequency when hitting the Poll button, then that would hang.  I was about tired of S&P, so I decided to do some extra testing. 

 - Happens while listening and after some time, would hang almost instantly.
 - Tried changine timing and other settings, but nothing would keep it running.
 - USB Cables are new with beads, moved cables physically, change ports, swapped cables. 
 - Instantly repeatable. It dies right away. 
 - To restart, click on the 'Poll' button and it updates to the current frequency immediately. 
 - Data stream in the Interface windows show very long strings regularly.  I don't remember seeing this many characters when it is running. 
 - Have not had this problem running ACLog.....   so.....  stopped and switched to ACLog and.....
 - With nothing else changed, ACLog worked just fine, as it always does.  Could it be that the problems had been with Contest packages????
 - Switched right back to ARRL Int DX package and......   It works just fine.  Cannot make it fail, no matter what. 

So what I think I'm telling you is that we could possibly have a memory leak or some counter that takes a while to overload....  could maybe be in W-10.  I did NOT reboot the PC.  Only restarted the software.  Once the software was restarted, I cannot make it fail.  This was after running for about 7 hours, which is almost exactly what happened with the NAQP software, and probably WFD software.

Just throwing this out to you in the chance you get to have a look at some point.  I will try to leave the package runnign with my radio on to see if it fails after 7 or 8 hours. 

I know to restart the software when I see this again. 

Thank you for your time and for this software. 

Ken - K4EES


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