Re: Historical entity names based on call and date?

Scott Davis

Hi Bert,

Thanks for your e-mail.  You can enter any value in the country field you like.  When you run the Awards totals, deselect the option to only list valid entries to include country names that are no longer valid in the count (if you wish).


73, Scott

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Is there a database or the like where I can find the correct entity name for contacts made in the past? 

Will ACLOG accept a manually entered entity name which is no longer in its database? I have QSL cards from a few hundred old contacts which I could fix right now, if I knew the fix would stick. I have about 6300 contacts in ACLOG right now, so fixing them all would be an interesting project.

Many of my really old contacts have the wrong entity name because the place has changed its name at least once since I made the contact. The oldest contacts in my ACLOG are from 1978. I have paper logs going back to 1961 which I haven't entered, and likely never will.

I entered my old contacts into ACLOG piecemeal over time whenever I had the energy to transfer data from my paper logs, so each entry has an entity assigned based on the data available at the time I entered it. I didn't think it mattered at the time; maybe it really doesn't.

Bert - W0RSB
Saint Paul, MN

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