Re: File Transfers

David Rounds

Open ACL and then select LoTW from the eLogs menu.
In the "Download" portion of the screen, click the "ALL Since" button.  You should be able to leave the default date and click the [OK] button in the popup window.
This will cause all accepted or confirmed calls to be downloaded and the S and/or R flag for those calls will be updated.
Specifically, if the call was accepted by LoTW, the S field for that call will be set to Y and an "L" will be added to the "S Conf by"field.
If the call has bee confirmed, the S fields will be updated as noted above and the"R" field will be set to Y with an "L" being added to the "R Conf By" column.
Regarding missing fields, if the downloaded record includes a field that is blank in the ACL record, the data for that column will be copied from the downloaded record into the call record in ACL.

On 2/15/2020 8:17 PM, Mel Marcus wrote:
I am fairly new to the group and I have some questions:

when I did the rtty contest I sent the file to lotw. that worked fine.  I got a lot of responses on LOTW confirming qso. is there an easy way to get the confirmation back to the n3fjp amateur contact log.  also I have had to manually put in the state.  need some advice from experienced users.

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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] CQ zone and County names
From: "Dave" <k4em@...>
Date: Sat, February 15, 2020 8:32 am

I found about 100 US Sate contacts have the wrong CQ Zone listed. 
Also I have been using my ACLog export file of my log to qualify for various awards. When using the OTHER award program software, it will reject ALL US counties with the name 'SAINT'; ex; Saint Marys. It is expecting 'ST' not SAINT. I also noticed in ACLog that the county pull down has 'ST' not SAINT. When I start to log a call with a count named St. XXXXX, it still shows SAINT, not what the pull down shows.

My big question is; if I change the CQ Zones & rename county to ST. will these changes affect my LOTW upload/downloads? I want to make these corrections but don't want any LOTW errors.


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