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Michael WA7SKG

Also, remember that the Universal ID for Icom radios is 00. Almost all Icom radios will respond to most commands sent to 00. As long as you only have one radio on your CI-V bus, you should have no problem with using 00 for Rig ID.

Michael WA7SKG

Scott Davis via Groups.Io wrote on 2/13/20 8:14 AM:

Hi Walter and Steve,
I've had lots of good report on the 706 MKII G (and all Icoms are similar, aside from the rig ID).  The rig ID in this case is 58.  The successful settings that other 706 MKII G.users have sent along are here:
73, Scott
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I ran Scott's suite  with my 706MKIIG for years. Unfortunately, I do not have the settings I used. Be sure that you have the correct Rid ID and baud rate. The default ID is 58.
Hope this helps.
Steve, AI3KS
On 20/02/12 17:45, Walter wrote:
I started getting this error every time I post a contact.  Tried repairing the software with install.  Still get the error.  hos do I fix this?
Also please make this work with Omni-Rig.  Everything is fine with my FT-450D and the logging software however my Mobile/Portable with my Laptop IC706MKiiG will not work with cat control and the logging software.  Its very frustrating.
73, W9KJO

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