Re: System Cannot Find Specified File


I probably should not have put two inquires on one feed. 

The interesting thing is it all worked on the old Windows 7 Laptop.  But I now realize I used HD SDR on that laptop.  I use an SDP Play show the full band on a waterfall so I can see where the QSO's are and move quickly around the band.

On the new windows 10 laptop I wish to use SDR UNO as it can handle the greater demands of the software.  However it will not connect to both the Rig and the SDR UNO even with a Virtual Serial Port Splitter.  All of this works seamlessly on my desktop with the FT-450D but it will not work on the Laptop with the IC706MKiiG.

I will try going back to HDSDR next time I work portable with my mobile and see if it works the way it was on the old laptop. 

I think if the logging software would connect to Omni Rig it would all work.  But it will not.

If anyone has any suggestions they will be appreciated.

73, Thanks, W9KJO

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