Re: N3FJP Log Program Conflict with Flwx SmartSDR CWX Functionality


I had this same problem with the CWT logging program, and even with  FlexAPI selected in the Rig Interface screen, the logging program always stayed on top of the SmartSDR screen; even if I minimized the logging program, I couldn't use the CW sending function in SmartSDR. I made two changes to the Rig Interface screen; one of these fixed the problem:
  1. Two different Comm Ports would work to interface with the radio, the comm port I originally selected was different from what I had set up with the general N3FJP logging program, so I changed the CWT log to match N3FJP Log.  
  2. I had the Polling Data Rate at 2 seconds in the CWT log, and 500ms in the general N3FJP logging program, so I again changed the  CWT log to match the N3FJP log.
After rebooting the radio, everything works!   Hopefully this information will help others experiencing conflicts between SmartSDR and one or more of the N3FJP logging programs.
David KG0EW

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