Re: Editing blocks of data in ACL logsheet

Ken Bell

ADIF Master does a pretty good job and it’s free.

If you need to do some work with your file in Excel, that it uses a semicolon instead of a comma to delimit fields. You’ll need to change on one end or the other.

-ken - K4EES

On Feb 3, 2020, at 1:29 PM, Dale Martin <@kg5u> wrote:

I have hundreds—if not thousands--of ACL log entries I want/need to edit. In a couple of cases the original adi files from other applications were corrupted and the original source data is not available.

I haven’t found any means in ACL of doing block edits of selected fields or such.

I can sort and highlight the needed line entries and copy them to clipboard and ultimately to Excel (pasting to TextPad and word were useless).

Now, how do I get the edited line items back into ACL?

I don’t the reverse of the Edit/Copy Selected Records to Clipboard function: Import and replace selected records, for instance.

Do I convert data in Excel to adi file format and export as a text file and change the extension to .adi and then import it into ACL?
If I import the ADI file will it overwrite the existing log entries or will it just be presented as duplicates in the log?

Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

Dale, kg5u

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