Re: disabled ham needs help

Ken Bell

I'm going to toss in a suggestion before the topic is closed completely.  Take a look at Mortty:

This is a kit, but one of the easiest kits I've built.   N3FJP, N1MM+, and fldigi all look upon  the Mortty as if it's a winkeyer. I've used it enough to know that it works well, and I saved over $100 building it rather buying an assembled Winkeyer.  $26, including shipping vs $129 for the official winkeyer.  There are a couple of options, so pick the CW version.  It emulates Winkey 2.3.  If you want a speed pot, you can add one for $5, but you don't need it and can change keying speed from the keyboard.  

I don't make any money from Mortty, and don't know the people who do, but know they can't make much with these prices. 

-ken - K4EES

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