Re: Winter Field Day This Weekend - Please Use the Correct Program!

Phil AF6AV

Here are USB Settings that work for an IC-7610:

On N3FJP Software:COM3 (in my case)
  • Icom2 "Rig"
  • Baud = 38.4
  • None/8/1
  • Conn Power: none  (turning on either of these made the radio TX whenever it was being polled)
  • Poll Rate:  2 secs as suggested
  • Mode By: Rig
  • Read Freq hex string: FE FE 00 E0 03 FD
  • Read Mode hex string: FE FE 00 E0 04 FD   +   98h also works for the 3rd set of hex values
  • Nothing, at all checked in the settings on the right

In my Radio, under Menu > Set > Connectors:
USB Send/Keying: 1st 3 choices OFF
  • Baud: Auto
  • Address: 98h
  • Transceive: ON
  • USB/LAN: 00h
  • CI-V USB Port:  Unlink
  • Echo Back: OFF      Probably because I am using your new Icom2 "Rig".

Hope this is useful,

Phil Wells, AF6AV
Murrieta, CA
7610, 991a, IC-7000

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