Re: Special Event Stations

Michael WA7SKG

There are several 'other' categories that can be customized and included in ACLog. I use several of them for the custom entries supporting Parks On The Air (POTA).

Go to Settings > Other Field Titles and Fill Behavior and an "Other Titles" window will open. Select an open "Other" label, give it the desired name, i.e. "Special Event" and chose the fill method. In your case, it will likely be NONE. Click Done when finished.

Next, go to Settings > Edit Fields Displayed ... and adjust the tab order of the boxes as you desire. This controls the order you will jump through the boxes as you tab through them. On each item, check or uncheck as desired the "Visible on Main form" box. At the bottom, click the box to Enable Repositioning of all fields on Main Form. DO NOT CLICK 'DONE' YET! On the Main Form, rearrange the boxes as you desire. Once they are as you like, return to the Edit Fields Displayed window and uncheck the Enable Repositioning... box. Click DONE, and you are.

Now you have your Special Event entry. It will be in your log listing and on any ADIF exports.

Michael WA7SKG

Michael Payne wrote on 12/23/19 8:46 PM:

Scott, is there a way to add a column to ACLog that lets you see if a log was a special event station? I have worked many special events, but I can't figure out how to make them show up in my list of logged stations. If not, would you consider adding it to your great logging software. Merry Christmas to all!

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