Re: AC Log & import ADIF from WSJT-X

Michael WA7SKG

If you need to tweak ADIF files, I have found ADIF Master ( an excellent tool for the purpose. Granted, it is a Windoze program, which limits me on the computer I use, but it does do the job.

My $.0002

Michael WA7SKG

N4CC Greg wrote on 12/16/19 3:57 PM:

I simply open log directory, right click on wsjt-log, and copy it to my desktop. I then edit the file so only the contacts I want to import are saved and then import that to AC Log. This leaves the original file in tact. 73, Greg-N4CC
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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] AC Log & import ADIF from WSJT-X
Any info on where to find the WSJT-X log file so I can import it into AC Log?????
I have done the "open log directory" in WSJT-X and see the following path,
I try looking for it when I want to import that data into AC Log but I cannot find this path.
I have only been using AC Log for a few weeks and I have only been using WSJT-X for 10 days or so which means I am a beginner at this stuff.
Thanks much,
73, Dave KC3AM

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