Issue: Not fully communicating with Yaesu FT-2000.


Issue: Not fully communicating with Yaesu FT-2000.

First off, I have been using N3FJP loggers for years and since April 2019 using a USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter. Model is the Insignia NS-PU99501 from Best Buy. It is actually a Prolific chipset.

Since April 2019 up to June 2019 N3FJP was communicating just fine.

Sometime in June the communication became spotty.  When a try to Poll the FT-2000, the frequency field says AWAITING RESPONSE and the mode field says AWAITING.

If I click on the TEST CHANGE FREQUENCY TEST , it will change frequency and mode.  That seems to work but the POLLING does not so the RIG FREQUENCY and MODE does populate on the main logging screen.

The Red LED on the FT2000 CS button Flashes on and off.    Before this issue, the Red LED was ON steady and not flashing.

This happens while using the desktop and laptop both utilizing the USB to RS22 Serial Adapter.

Anyone have this issue and is there something I am missing.  

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