Re: WSJT-X import for FT Roundup contest

Jim Shorney

FT4 is a submode of MFSK as defined in the ADIF spec. The current version ADIF Master has FT4 correctly listed as a submode of MFSK.



On Fri, 06 Dec 2019 19:26:42 -0800
"Steve Carter" <> wrote:

I tried the practice sessions today for the FT Roundup contest t ( ) omorrow.  The closest program to use for this program appears to be the N3FJP RTTY Roundup 3.6.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work well for real time logging with WSJT-X only because it won't parse the section from the WSJT-X output.  So I tried to import the ADIF file from WSJT-X, only to discover that the MODE for FT4 contacts shows up as MFSK.  Otherwise, it imports and scores the contest just fine.

Unfortunately, ADIF Master also won't help because it only recognizes FT4 as a subset of FT8, and if you modify your entries in that program, you change them all to FT8.

Is there any workaround to change the mode, or to get RTTY Roundup to correctly log the section?

Thanks!  Steve, KØGUZ

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