N3FJP "Running on CW"

Glenn Kurzenknabe <bgkurz@...>

This is the response I got from a local, who is pretty tuned in…    I haven’t played with it yet…


Glenn, K3SWZ


N3FJP now supports RUN MODE CW.  Some bullet-point details follow.


Scott has a fairly new feature called TSM (Tab Sends Message).  This goes along with ESM (Enter Sends Message) that N1MM+ offers.

The difference is that with N3FJP you have to press two different keys based on the contact state/context whereas N1MM+ has sufficiently strong logic enabling it to figure out which message you want to send.


Go into SETTINGS, TRANSMIT, CW and examine the Function Keys configuration.

Whatever you configure as the F2 function key commands will be transmitted when you fill in the callsign field and then press TAB.  That is the first part of a RUN QSO.

Whatever you configure as the F3 function key commands will be transmitted when you fill in the other guy’s exchange and then press ENTER.


For the recent PA QSO Party I had these configurations:

F2    $ # %    which sends the other guy’s call sign, my serial number, and my county

F3    R TU QRZ PAQP K3IEC    which is all plain text and easily readable.


There is an additional step required for enabling the TAB SENDS MESSAGE

From the N3FJP main screen where you do your logging, type CTRL+SHIFT+G to ENABLE TSM    [Press and hold CTRL, Press and hold SHIFT, type G.  Let go of all three.]

The software will return a confirmation message onto your N3FJP screen.


The same keystroke combination will DISABLE TSM if or when you no longer desire to use that feature.


Other function keys....

F1 is dedicated to the CQ CONTEST message.

The other function keys can be configured for whatever commands you may wish to transmit.

I have mine function keys set up for resending the exchange, asking for AGN, and sending a slowed-down version of my callsign.



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