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Bobby Baker

Thanks Scott, I will make sure that we put a note on our website to ACLog users to please do a update. I will let you know how many did because I will be able to tell....Thanks again.
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Hi Bobby,

Thanks for your e-mail. You bet. I've just updated the software code as you requested. This will be part of the global contest software release I am planning for January, Lord willing.

Consider it done! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

73, Scott

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Scott, we have recently started using checking software when checking LAQP logs and in the cabrillo file N3FJP creates the contest name is "LAQP" is there a way to change that to say"LA-QSO-PARTY". This is the contest name it wants to see. Would be a great help as at the present time i have to go into each log and correct it before we can run the log.

Bobby Baker WM5H

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