Re: Log too big?

Wilbur Doolittle

27000 ?

On Sun, Nov 24, 2019 at 4:49 PM Dale Martin <kg5u@...> wrote:


I notice when logging FT8 QSOs in ACL from JTAlert/WSJT-X, that it takes 18 seconds for the QSO line entry to appear after clicking on OK in the J/W log pop-up window. I have 27k log entries.


As soon as I click to log the entry in ACL, ACL logsheet field goes blank. About 10 seconds later, a JTAlert Message box appears telling me the QSO was not logged in ACL but is logged in WSJT-X adi file. About 10 seconds after that, the logsheet contents reappear with the new log entry at the top. If I click on the ’50 recent’ the QSO line entry appears immediately.


Do I have too many log entries in ACL for it to be able to properly handle them?  


Or is this a JTAlert/WSJT-X thing? I’ve read through the WSJT-X and JTAlert docs but have not found anything that suggests the QSO-not-getting-logged pop-up message timing can be adjusted so it ‘sees’ the QSO did actually get logged—if that makes any sense.


Any suggestions other than just using the logsheet in the  ‘Last 50’ mode? There’s a lot of ‘downtime’ in FT8, so I use it to go through the log and update the not-yet-confirmed QSOs S/R status to Y/Y and removing the confirmed QSO from LOTW.


Thanks for any info anyone can provide.



Dale, kg5u



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