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The program I've used is MRP40. While it doesn't marry with any logging program, it has its own mini log and I understand that it isn't what you asked for in  your initial email but I've dealt with several decoding programs and can tell you... in the worst of conditions, this program is bar none, THE best decoder I have used. It's free to try for 30 days and then you have to purchase. I don't use the log that you can use with it but do split windows and work it that way, making the log entries on ACL. 


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I think I may have asked this a couple weeks ago but I can not find it…  Does anyone use a standalone CW decoding program that interfaces with ACLog?  If so, what do you use and how does it work with ACLog?  I am wanting to “re-learn” morse code and also make some contacts.  I learned it years ago when I passed my General license test but like many things, if you don’t use it you lose it and I have lost most of it.


Has anyone used CW Decoder and does it interface with ACLog?






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