Re: CW Keying for IC-7300 using USB

Michael WA7SKG

Just a thought. I am personally unable to test at this time.

If you have an external keypad connected to send memories 1-4, and you are in SSB mode, pressing button 1 will send Voice Memory 1. If you are in CW mode, pressing button 1 will send CW Memory 1, and if you are in RTTY mode, pressing Button 1 will send RTTY Memory 1. Other than the mode selected, there is no place that says what the button press will play other than the selected mode.

Considering that, I'm wondering if, using CI-V, you send the command to play Voice Memory 1 (280001), it may actually play the appropriate memory based on the mode you are in? Might I suggest, if someone is able, programming some memory locations with Voice, CW, and maybe RTTY test transmissions, then programming some macro buttons with the CI-V commands to play Memory 1, Memory 2, etc. Set the radio to SSB, then click the Memory 1 macro and see what plays. Set the radio to CW, click the macro button for Memory 1 again and see what plays. Of course I would put the radio on a dummy load for this so you don't risk sending the wrong mode over the air on an inappropriate frequency.

If that doesn't work, or someone is adventurous, is N3FJP capable of somehow dealing with external equipment, maybe through a serial or USB port? There are a number of articles on building an interface box, usually Arduino based, for triggering the memory buttons on the radio. Might it be possible for N3FJP to somehow communicate with one of these devices to trigger the memory buttons? Or even just operate some simple relays?

Just some thoughts on the situation.

Michael WA7SKG

Scott Davis via Groups.Io wrote on 11/6/19 9:32 AM:

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the info.  From what the manual indicates (and the Icom rep confirmed), the 1A 02 command is used to change the content of the CW memory, but does not actually play the CW memory.  Since there is a command to play phone memories, I am surprised that there is not a similar function for CW.  If the feature exists, the Icom rep could not find it, so unless it is an undocumented feature that comes to light, it doesn't appear we can play CW memories from the 7300 and 7610 at this time, even though we can play phone memories.
73, Scott
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On 11/5/2019 08:56, Scott Davis via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Guys,
Using rig interface, I can key voice memories on my 7610 via the following command in phone setup from my software (for example, this plays the 4th memory):
It works beautifully and I have used it extensively, especially during CQ WW SSB.
I could not find a similar command for CW in their documentation, so I contacted Icom.  Their response was that their is not a command to play CW memories.
For as many rig command options that you can control, it seems quite strange that Icom would not let us trigger the CW memories.  I am hoping that Icom does indeed have a command, that may not have been documented, that will come to light.
If anyone has had success keying CW memories in the Icom 7300 or 7610, please say the word!
73, Scott

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