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Michael WA7SKG

Sorry, you are still not understanding me. I'm not disputing the inclusion of the OPERATOR callsign. The problem is the CALL used on the air. That is the one that does not show up in the ADIF file.

Please see the attached picture. See where W7ORE is in the CALL box in the Common Fields window. I have WA7SKG in the OPERATOR box. Put a contact in the log with these parameters, then export an ADIF file. Search that file for W7ORE and you will not find it.

In this case, W7ORE is the call used on the air and the contacts should be processed for the event under W7ORE. But, W7ORE does not appear in the ADIF file, so how do they assign credit to W7ORE from this ADIF file?

Michael WA7SKG

Scott Davis via Groups.Io wrote on 10/20/19 8:10 AM:

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your follow up.  Here is a sample record I just exported from AC Log, where WA7SKG was entered in the Operator field before logging the QSO.  As you can see, it properly includes the Operator field:
Additionally, any Other field you use will export in ADIF the field title you assign it, so you have complete flexibility for those fields.
73, Scott
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Thanks, Scott. However, this this does not address my problem. I am
using my club call (W7ORE) on the air. In the setup screen of common
fields, I put W7ORE in the CALL box and I put WA7SKG in the operator
box. This is not addressed in the documents you referenced. When
exporting the ADIF file, a search shows W7ORE does not appear anywhere
in the file. Further investigation shows me the same happens for Field
Day. Looking at the ADIF file for Field Day with the club call used on
the air and multiple positions with multiple operators with over a
thousand contacts, the club call (W7ORE) does not appear anywhere in the
ADIF file. This also holds true for QSO Parties.
So, when a log is submitted in the case of the on-air call being
different from the operator call, the on-air call does not exist in the
ADIF file. Therefore, when the ADIF file is automatically processed, the
on-air call is nowhere to be found and does not get credit for
participating in the contest. It seems to further breakdown to separate
entries for each of the operators in the case of multiple operators
using the same log.
For me, this presents a problem requiring much editing and jumping
through hoops to get the on-air call included in the ADIF file.
I have looked through the N3FJP FAQs and don't find anything addressing
the use of club calls.
In the POTA FAQS ( it does address the
use of club calls:
"Q: How do club calls work in POTA?
A: The Trustee (or someone with permission) needs to register the club’s
call sign to get its own account in POTA….For the Full Name, please put
the name of the club.. (e.g. Anne Arundel ARC).
Once that is established, then you can run the activation as the call
sign in the logs for “Station Callsign”, but also, in the “Operator”
field, put your own call sign…. That way, both the individual call, AND
the club gets credit."
However, the ACLog or other N3FJP software does not seem to have a
"Station Callsign" field. It would seem to me that should be a built-in
function of the software, especially since there is a block requiring
that callsign in the setup page.
Am I misunderstanding something here? Please explain where I am going wrong.
Michael WA7SKG
Scott Davis via Groups.Io wrote on 10/20/19 4:34 AM:
> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for your e-mail.  Any QSOs you log after placing a value in the
> operator field will include that value on ADIF export.  More details for
> configuring AC Log for POTA are here:
> How do I configure AC Log for proper ADIF output for WWFF Parks on the
> Air? <>
> Enjoy!
> 73, Scott

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