Callsigns in ADIF file

Michael WA7SKG

I'm starting with POTA using ACLog and need to export ADIF files. I'm operating using our club call. In the set up for ACLog, I put the callsign W7ORE in CALL and my call WA7SKG in the OPERATOR block.

When I generate the ADIF file (File > Export ADIF > From Rec# to Rec#)
and create a file, I find that W7ORE does not exist in the file. Am I doing something wrong that the club call does not show up in the ADIF file? I would have thought that the callsign used should be in the ADIF file. There is a ton of other stuff not needed for my submission in there. Is there a way to customize the ADIF output?

tnx es 73,
Michael WA7SKG

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