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I received a similar statement when using my personal PC at work to access my personal PC at home. I wrote them and commented that if you can't properly determine work from personal then my business with you is done.  Been using Teamviewer for a couple of years now. I never received a reply and ended up removing Teamviewer from all of my PC's (raspberries included). I have enough savy to set up my own VNC access anyways. Bit more cumbersome but better than trying to worry about whether I'm crossing their policy lines.

73 John

On Thu, Sep 26, 2019, 08:46 Michael WA7SKG <wa7skg@...> wrote:
In my previous job, the IT department determined Teamviwer was a huge
security risk. Apparently, it held some kind of access hole into the
local network. They prohibited its use completely on any corporate
system. This was in a large nation-wide enterprise with really good IT

Just sayin'

Michael WA7SKG

jim crisco via Groups.Io wrote on 9/26/19 4:01 AM:
> hi scott and
> many of us use teamviewer to link into a friends pc to help with ham
> software.  a few days ago i started getting a msg that "one of the users
> may be a commercial user".  with one ham i was limited to 5 mins at a
> session..
> i called TV and they sent me this link.  it looks like all "free"
> accounts are being monitored now.  i have sent my response to TV to have
> my acct reset to truly "free"
> 73
> jim
> wa4yiz

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